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add remove How does it work?

OpenBar is a free app that gifts you 1 Free Drink per week in a network of affiliated bars. At this moment the app is active in the metropolitan city of Milan. In the app's "venues" section you can view which venues are part of the network and what their offer is.

Also through the app, you can receive Free Drinks as a gift from "White list" users, those who have the paid version of the app. If you choose to become a White list user, you receive 1 Free Drink every day and 3 Free Drinks per week to gift to your friends.

OpenBar allows the use of 1 Free Drink per day. If you have more than 1, you can drink them on another day of the week but be careful, next Monday morning your unused Free Drinks will expire and you will only have your 1 weekly Free Drink to use.

add remove Do I have to register to use OpenBar?

Yes, you can log in with Facebook, which is the simplest way and automatically connects you with all your Facebook friends who are also registered with OpenBar, whom you can give drinks and receive them. Alternatively, you can register manually with your email, and we will ask you for some additional information in the initial registration phase.

add remove Can I invite my friends to OpenBar?

Of course! From the menu item "Invite friends" you can select your Facebook friends or contacts and immediately send them an invitation. They can download the app and use their Free Drink right away.

add remove Can I use OpenBar every day?

OpenBar allows you to use your Free Drinks any day of the week at the times chosen by the bars in our network. The basic version of OpenBar gives you 1 Free Drink per week, but you could go as far as having 1 every day! How? Your friends can give you Free Drinks or you can advance to the premium version, OpenBar White list, the paid version of the app with numerous exclusive advantages, including access to 1 Free Drink every day.

add remove What is a Free Drink, can I order anything?

In each bar, you have access to different types of drinks. The bar manager decides which Free Drink to offer through OpenBar. In a brewery, you will probably be able to have a beer, wine at the wine bar and a cocktail in the cocktail bars. But always check before which bars offer which Free Drinks through the Venue section of the app. When in doubt, ask directly at the bar.

add remove I have more than 1 drink available, but I can only drink 1, how come?

OpenBar allows you to drink 1 Free Drink each day, no more. The number of drinks available refers to how many you can drink that week.

add remove How can I give a friend a drink?

Simple, if you're a member of OpenBar White list, you can select "GIFT" by clicking on your Free Drink in dashboard, and you can choose which friends to give a Free Drink. The number of Free Drinks to give as a gift is at the top right of the "GIFT" page.

add remove Can I have my Free Drink any time?

Free Drinks can only be consumed during the offer period at the chosen bar. Active offer times are always indicated both on the main OpenBar page and on the map, when you select one of the locations. The button to consume a Free Drink will be clickable only during the active offer.

add remove I accidentally deleted the drink and now I don't have any more, what can I do?

It can happen, but we advise you to be careful when you select the drink and choose to show the screen to the bar. Unfortunately we can not do anything at that point to help you. Talk to the bartender about what happened but it is at the discretion of the bartender to decide to turn a blind eye or not.

add remove I reinstalled OpenBar but I lost my credits / rank, what can I do?

Make sure you log in the same way you did the first time, and you will find your credits and rank where you left them. If you have chosen to cancel your account from the OpenBar account panel, unfortunately all your data would have been deleted and you will have to start over with a new account. If it doesn't work you can send a request to our team on the OpenBar "support" page.

add remove What is White list?

White list is the premium version of the app that allows you to consume 1 Free Drink every day and receive exclusive invitations and drinks at events and locations not normally available to basic OpenBar users. You can upgrade to White list by tapping the W on your bottom menu and choosing how long you want to enjoy the exclusive benefits of White list. You will immediately see your Free Drink counter fill up!

add remove I arrived at the bar on time, but they don't want to serve me the Free Drink, what can I do?

Sorry, this almost never happens, but if it happens we ask you to check carefully if you have chosen one affiliated venues of OpenBar, in the time of their offer. Keep in mind that every bar owner can still choose whether or not to serve a customer, whether to give him access to the bar, if he has the right dress code, or simply not to serve him anymore if he has drunk too much... unfortunately this is completely at the discretion of the bartender/bar owner.

add remove How do I know if a bar is in the OpenBar network?

Easy, look it up in the OpenBar app. Some of the affiliated bars also have the sticker with our logo at the entrance, but ask the bartender to be sure!

add remove My favorite bar is not in the OpenBar network, what can I do?

First, you can tell your trusted bartender about OpenBar! We ask that you to send us a suggestion via the "Recommend a Bar" page within the menu of the OpenBar app, and we will evaluate your request. If the bar you suggest is meets OpenBar quality standards, we will contact the owner directly.