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Welcome to OpenBar

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Digital Events

Are you in the Food & Beverage sector?

Your digital events are an innovative marketing tool. You can put your product in our user’s hands and get instant feedback.

Test the taste

Your product directly in the hands of customers is worth a thousand words.

Select a tasting experience without the gap of traditional advertising. Choose the places and times where your product is normally consumed. This is the true taste testing experience your product deserves.

Your target

Reach your potential customers.

OpenBar allows you to offer drinks and tasting experiences to a highly profiled audience. Better manage your budget, aiming communication at a community already in target.

It’s fun

Our users race against the clock.

The campaign is sent to the whole community while the availability of Free Drinks is limited. First come, first served basis. Driving a sense of urgency and competition immediately increases your product’s value.

Promote your events

Are you preparing for a launch event?

With OpenBar, you can encourage dozens of targeted visitors to the location of your choice. The OpenBar community receives an invitation to your event directly in-app. Immediately fill your event.

Contact us

Send us an email to understand all the detailed services OpenBar can offer for your business. Discover how to communicate with your target through our innovative tool.


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